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Ever since my first meeting in 1994, MAFS has been enormously influential on my career and my development as a forensic scientist.  Through MAFS, I have connected with amazing mentors, been able to attend some of the best training available in the country, and become part of a network of highly skilled forensic scientists with whom I can always count on for advice.  As an added bonus, I have made many lifelong friends.  My experience with MAFS is not unique, I have heard similar experiences related from many people throughout the past 20+ years.  MAFS has grown, evolved and adapted significantly over the course of my career, and the thing that most impresses me is that people attending a MAFS meeting or workshop today are still experiencing that same sense of camaraderie and top tier level of training that I experienced at the beginning of my career.

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Forensic Relationship Training - 08-Mar-2016


Forensic Relationship Trainings in May and September of 2016. These trainings will be held at the Marshall University Forensic Science Center in Huntington, WV.For more information on each training, please click on the following documents.



Forensic Relationship Training - May



Forensic Relationship Training - September











Basic Crime Scene Photography Course - 02-Mar-2016

Basic Crime Scene Photography training being held June 27-28 in Kansas City, MO.  Attached is the informational packet for the course, additional information regarding the class and our company can be found at the website or clicking on this link








MAFS Visiting Scientist Program - 14-Mar-2013

A new MAFS Visiting Scientist Program page has been created to make applying for a visiting scientist easier than ever.





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