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Michigan State Police - Forensic Scientist - Biology

Michigan State Police - Forensic Scientist, Biology

Multiple openings; multiple laboratories.

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JusticeTrax - Implementation Specialist

Implementation Specialist Advertisement


JusticeTrax is currently recruiting for an Implementation Specialist to become part of the Customer Care team. We need someone to join us in providing excellent customer service for our industry leading LIMS products, both during implementation and for live casework.                  


What You’ll be Doing:

Here are some of the things you will be doing on a daily basis:

Assist customers in implementing new products by helping them to configure their software to fit their current procedures
Manage multiple projects simultaneously, each with different goals and priorities
Provide remote support of customer issues and troubleshooting of problems                    
Train customers on the proper use of JusticeTrax Products, remotely and onsite
Create and support custom reports for customers          

In short, your job will be to help customers solve their problems using our suite of forensic software.  Since we support labs of all sizes, at all levels of government, both nationally and internationally, you will be challenged by a wide range of puzzles on a regular basis.  But don’t worry- you will have the support of a full team behind you to help.


Who we are looking for:

To be successful in this position, you should have strong experience in forensics.  You should be familiar with evidence handling and processing in a public or private forensic laboratory, preferably from firsthand experience.  A bachelor’s degree with a concentration in a Forensic Science or Computer Science field would be beneficial as well. You must possess excellent organizational skills and basic project management skills to help you document and manage the projects you will be working on.

It would be advantageous if you are knowledgeable in the use of JusticeTrax LIMS-plus products and have a working knowledge of Crystal Reports.  SQL skills would be a plus too.  If you have knowledge gaps in some of these areas, though, do not be afraid to apply.  We will provide training based on what you might need.  We are more interested in your ability to problem solve, learn new concepts, manage projects, and then teach others to do the same. 

 The location of this position has some flexibility and we currently have individuals working through out the United States.  It does require travel, however, as some of our customers prefer to have training in their lab rather than online.                                   


How to Apply:

If you are a problem solver that loves to be challenged, a science nerd who is looking for a different way to use their degree, a detailed oriented person who loves to document, or a person that knows that working solo does not mean working alone, you should send your cover letter and résumé to Jenna Oakes-Smith, Customer Care Manager at jenna.oakes-smith@justicetrax.com.



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City of Aurora (CO) - Forensic Chemist

The Crime Lab of the Aurora Police Department is looking for a Forensic Chemist to perform analysis of forensic evidence through a variety of methods including wet chemical analysis and/or instrumental analysis. This position reports to the Aurora Police Department and is assigned to the Unified Metropolitan Forensic Crime Laboratory (UMFCL) in Englewood, CO. The UMFCL is an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited laboratory which provides forensic services to law enforcement agencies within the City of Aurora, Arapahoe County and Douglas County in Colorado. The UMFCL is an entity designed to support all investigative functions of the agencies it  serves.

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PAE (Fort Gillem, GA) - Mobile Exploitation Analyst

Mobile Exploitation Analyst (CELLEX/DOMEX)

PAE is currently seeking a Mobile Exploitation Analyst (CELLEX/DOMEX) based in Fort Gillem, GA

May be required to travel OCONUS (as needed)


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PAE (Fort Gillem, GA) - DNA Examiner I, II, or III

DNA Examiner I, II, or III

PAE is currently seeking a DNA Examiner based in Fort Gillem, GA

May be required to travel OCONUS (as needed)


Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

·         Examine evidence in consultation with firearms and latent print analysts (as needed) to ensure proposed collection approach will not negatively impact collection of other forensic data from the evidence.

·         Collect potential DNA samples from evidence using approved procedures designed to minimize the possibility of sample contamination.  All samples shall be properly packaged, marked and stored in preparation for extraction.

·         Generate STR DNA profiles from evidence and reference samples.

·         Analyze and interpret data from analysis which typically consists of complex mixtures and low level samples.

·         Use photographic equipment to capture still images of each evidence item and relevant key portions of the evidence item, or other exhibits, to support further analysis, conclusions, and documentation.

·         Annotate the case file documentation, detailing the processing techniques and the examination results.

·         Perform administrative and/or technical reviews of reports and worksheets.

·         Ensure proper chain of custody is maintained.

·         Perform instrument maintenance.

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Pinellas County Sheriff's Office - Forensic Science Specialist

Forensic Science Specialist. 

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Work Address
10750 Ulmerton Road
Largo, Florida 33778
United States


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