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MAFS Leadership Development Series Summer Webinar Offering

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 “Leadership for All Levels”

MAFS Leadership Development Series

2017 Series Focus- Communication


Thursday, June 22, 2017

9 a.m. – 5 p.m. (EST)


Brian Hoey will kick-off the 2017 Leadership Development series with an encompassing 8-hour webinar on Communication.  The main theme will be supported by a book selection, in which the participants will be required to read after the webinar.  Brian will dissect the communication topic into several categories that will correspond to the book, including communicating culture, groups, the individual system, crucial conversations, influencing and accountability. 


Upon completing the webinar, participants will read the book selection and have the option to present during the symposium at the MAFS Fall meeting in Cincinnati. 


This series is not only for those pursuing management roles in the workplace, but for bench analysts as well.


The webinar is free to both MAFS Members and non-Members.


To register for the June 22nd webinar, send an email to ehlersb@mcohio.org by June 19th; however early registration is preferred. 


Feel free to contact Brooke Ehlers with questions at 937-225-6176 or by email at the above address.


If you are interested in attending the webinar, but cannot, a recorded version will be made available.  You will need to register and complete an assignment to receive a certificate.


It should be noted that applicants did not have to attend any of the other Leadership Development Series workshops, webinar or symposium to attend or participate in either of these events.  There are several options for participation available for members and non-members: webinar participant only, webinar participant and symposium speaker, webinar participant and symposium attendee or symposium attendee only.


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