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Mental Agility for Forensic Scientists Podcast

Crime laboratory personnel may experience higher than average levels of stress due to chronic exposure to traumatic content at work and administrative pressures.  This stress can lead to burnout, compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Impacts to the organization may include employee disengagement, lost productivity, high staff turnover, and poor organizational health.  However, mindfulness training can provide coping skills to mitigate chronic stress by bringing awareness to the triggers of stress, putting the analyst back in control of the physiological and psychological responses.  The Mental Agility for Forensic Scientists development program is designed to establish a set of resources to keep MAFS members up-to-date on research, provide a setting where conversations can be started, and tools for self-assessment and management of stress can be developed.

Bonus Episode - Learning to Ride the Waves
Episode 1 - The Forensic Science of Stress
Episode 2 - Restore with Self-Care
Episode 3 - Calm and Connected
Episode 4 - Developing a Wellness at Work Plan
Episode 5 - Chance for Change
Episode 6 - Yoga Nidra - A Systematic Relaxation Technique
Episode 7 - The Four Agreements - Part 1

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