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Hello again MAFS Members!


Hopefully you’re busy making summer travel plans, or maybe have already found yourself on vacation. I was fortunate to have had a short, but much needed getaway recently. Although I didn’t feel I could take the time away, it was clear I needed it, and certainly could have used a little more time off.  If your workplace is like mine, there is always plenty of work to do however we need to make it a point to take time away to rest and rejuvenate. I will try to take my own advice more often!


In early May we held our Spring Board of Director’s Meeting and I can’t thank the board and enough for their diligence that weekend. We had a very ambitious agenda and stayed the course and covered all of our items of discussion. Please take some time to read the meeting minutes enclosed in this edition and don’t hesitate to provide comments or feedback.  I’d be remiss if I didn’t recognize all of the committees that provided reports of their activity and provided information and ideas for that meeting. The reason for our lengthy agenda was due to all of the great ideas put forth by these committees. As always, I was impressed by the passion and drive displayed by committee and board members in forever attempting to make our organization even better.


One area of concern to me is declining membership numbers, not only in our organization, but in other regional associations as well. In 2012 we had 989 members, but currently have 859 on our membership rolls. One major area of focus this year has been thinking of ways to both retain current members as well as recruit new members. We certainly understand that members and potential members must see the value in being a MAFS member.


To benefit existing members, the upcoming 2019 fall meeting workshop fees be less for members compared to non-members. In the recent past, these have been the same, largely for easier budgeting, however with a tool like CVENT we can more easily handle these differences and provide a significant savings to member workshop attendees as we do for general meeting registration. We are also planning a Members Only Mixer at the upcoming meeting!


To encourage new member applicants, a First Time Attendee Mixer is being planned to be held along with possibly the board, section coordinators and meeting planners. We will also try to reach out to people who regularly attend our meetings and workshops but don’t apply for membership. Hopefully they will see the added value in becoming a member going forward. 


Existing members, please reach out to new and existing scientists in your labs and encourage them to inquire or apply for MAFS membership. You can be our biggest advocate!


Lastly, please consider nominating a fellow member for a MAFS award. Certainly we all know someone deserving who maybe hasn’t been recognized in past who is making an outstanding contribution to forensics. For more information, see the awards report and view the awards form on the website.


I hope to see all of you this October in Louisville!



Paul Hermsen

MAFS President


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