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MAFS Members,

Hello everyone!  I am so happy to have seen so many colleagues, friends, and new faces at our past meeting in Branson, MO.  MAFS is an organization like no other that has encouraged so many professional networking opportunities, training opportunities, and friendships for life.  We have great friends in our lives and we have great co-workers.  It is a unique event when we can combine the two—however, for MAFS, it’s really not so unique.  We defy the statistics, so-to-speak.  I can honestly say that I’ve felt a sense of family since almost day one as a student member.

I am so grateful to have become part of such an impacting organization.  I will never forget my first meeting as a student in Columbus and how numerous members took the time to welcome me, talk about how great the workshops are for the field, and encourage a social exchange of ideas.  I will fully admit that I took it for granted at first as a student…but, it only took another meeting to realize how lucky I was to be part of this organization and how we have strived to not only build great professional relationships in the field, but also lasting friendships.

In light of the recent PCAST report and the public focus that has been on forensic science in recent years, I am very proud of the work our organization continues to do to advance the field.  Our purpose has always been “to encourage the exchange of ideas and information within in forensic science” and now our mission statement is “to further the field of forensic science by leading to inspire and inspiring to learn”.  Each MAFS member embodies this spirit and it is exemplified through all of the hard work and dedication that goes into every meeting, every workshop, and even every casual conversation we have with each other when we are trying to solve a problem in our own labs.   

MAFS has touched our lives in many ways.  Many of us have made sacrifices to get to meetings without even thinking about it.  We are willing to give to the organization just as much as we are willing to take from all of the training opportunities and mentorships from colleagues.  We are great because we give everything to make us great.  We truly care about the field of forensic science, our individual disciplines, and each scientist.  I know that I have personally been touched by the kindness and generosity of MAFS and that is something I will never forget and will always appreciate.  I am very honored to serve as your 45th President and I would like to say thank you to my MAFS family for giving me this opportunity to serve the organization.  I look forward to the upcoming year and I know we will continue to be the best regional organization in our dedication to the field of forensic science.

Danielle Hankinson

MAFS President


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