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Hello MAFS Members,


As I write this, my last President’s Message, it is about a week after the very successful MAFS Fall Meeting in Indianapolis.  As is always the case, I learned a great deal.  Not just from the presentations and workshops, but also from all of the lively and informative discussions I had throughout the week with colleagues and friends, old and new.  At the business meeting, I was honored to have the opportunity to present the 2018 Distinguished Service Award to someone who has been a mentor to me throughout my career, David Green.  Congratulations Dave, this award is well deserved!  John Chester, Kathy Boone and the rest of the people from the Indiana State Police Laboratory did a fantastic job planning and running the meeting; I am very thankful to all of them for the time and commitment they put into it.  I also want to send a big thank you to the Fall Meeting planning Committee who are constantly working very hard behind the scenes to make these meetings a reality.


I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to serve as President of this amazing organization, it is something I will always consider to be one of the proudest accomplishments in my career.  I was fortunate to have had an outstanding and supportive board of directors who truly made my job much easier than it might otherwise have been.  Many of you may not realize, but the board members all work very hard throughout the year.  Besides the individual duties each member has related to their particular position, there is rarely a week that goes by where they are not receiving a barrage of emails requiring a discussion or a vote of some matter or another.  The continued success and growth of our organization over the years has meant that running it has become increasingly more complex and time consuming.  Thankfully, our membership is full of very talented people willing to step up and take on that challenge.


I would like to thank those of you that have committed your time this past year to being a section chair, committee chair or committee member.  Your contributions to making this organization excellent are very much appreciated!  MAFS members, if any of you are interested in serving on a committee or as a section chair, I encourage you to get in touch with your new President, Paul Hermsen at MAFSPres@gmail.com.  Paul is currently in the process of setting up all of these positions for 2019.  If any of you are interested in stepping it up a notch and running for a board position, please contact me at Ted.Manasian@gmail.com.  For the 2018/2019 term, we will have openings for President Elect, Member at Large, Newsletter Editor and Meeting Treasurer.  I promise you, serving on the board is a very rewarding experience, I highly recommend it!


The gavel was officially passed to Paul Hermsen last week at the end of the business meeting.  Having worked closely with Paul throughout the previous couple of years, I know the organization is in very capable hands and I look forward to serving on the board under his leadership for the next year.  Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to serve as your President, it is an experience I will always cherish.


Ted Manasian

MAFS Past President


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