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MAFS Members,


Ever since my first meeting in 1994, MAFS has been enormously influential on my career and my development as a forensic scientist.  Through MAFS, I have connected with amazing mentors, been able to attend some of the best training available in the country, and become part of a network of highly skilled forensic scientists with whom I can always count on for advice.  As an added bonus, I have made many lifelong friends.  My experience with MAFS is not unique, I have heard similar experiences related from many people throughout the past 20+ years.  MAFS has grown, evolved and adapted significantly over the course of my career, and the thing that most impresses me is that people attending a MAFS meeting or workshop today are still experiencing that same sense of camaraderie and top tier level of training that I experienced at the beginning of my career.


The success of MAFS is driven by the passion and commitment of its members and their willingness to step up and be involved.  I am very grateful to the many people who have volunteered their time and energy to MAFS as board members, committee members, section coordinators, workshop coordinators and meeting hosts/planners.  I highly encourage those members who have not yet done so, to get involved in some way.  Not only is it very rewarding for the individual, but it is also critical to the ability of the organization to continue to evolve and improve.


I am taking the helm of MAFS at a very exciting time of transition.  This year, for the first time, we will have two separate treasurer positions; a meeting treasurer and an operations treasurer.  At the very successful meeting in Cincinnati last fall, we introduced CrowdCompass, an electronic app, tailored to the attendee’s specific agenda, which they can use to have instant and up to date information about the meeting, announcements and workshops.  Finally, the Fall Meeting Planning Committee is fine tuning its role in the move toward centralized planning of our increasingly large and complex annual meetings.


In my 25 years as a forensic scientist, serving as the 46th President of MAFS is without a doubt the highest honor of my career!  Many of the people that I have respected and admired throughout my career are Past Presidents, so it is a little bit surreal as I now start my term, and I am grateful to have their wisdom and examples to draw upon.  With Danielle and Paul at my sides, and the support of this year’s exceptional board of directors, I am very excited for the upcoming year and all that we can accomplish.  If you have thoughts, ideas or concerns about the organization, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  I look forward to working with you to continue developing and improving this superb organization.


Ted Manasian

MAFS President


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