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Message From the President





Fellow MAFS Members,


From my first MAFS meeting in 2005, I knew I wanted to continue attending MAFS meetings for a long time to come. With each year’s meeting, I’m reminded of the way I was welcomed, encouraged and engaged by other meeting attendees. I often think of my forensic career, now spanning 20 years, in two phases; pre-MAFS and post-MAFS! As I look back, it’s no surprise to me that my professional development greatly accelerated in parallel to my involvement with this amazing organization. It’s an absolute honor to serve as your 47th President.


Coming off the heels of a great meeting in Indianapolis, I just wanted to thank all of the meeting planners, including all Fall Meeting Planning Committee members, local hosts and additional staff it took to make that meeting possible.  It was an incredible effort in planning and preparation, and those of us able to attend were beneficiaries of a first class experience. And even prior to that meeting, meeting planners and the Training and Education Committee had been diligently planning for 2019 spring/summer workshops as well as the 2019 annual meeting in Louisville and beyond.  The hard work of this organization is performed daily by individuals in all facets of our activities, often on their own time, and I’m incredibly appreciative of all their efforts.


I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the outstanding individuals that have held this position in the past, and the role they played for myself and countless others in motivating us to serve in various roles including on committees and the board.  MAFS has afforded me some of the best professional mentorships, not to mention so many great friendships. I can’t imagine my career in forensics not including these experiences.


Our organization is in great shape in so many ways, but as always, we have several challenges ahead of us to address in the coming year. One of those being the platform our website is built upon will no longer be supported after 2020, and initial research into a new platform and hosting solution is already underway. While inconvenient, it will allow us the opportunity to possibly add new functionality to our site. It will take a lot of time and effort but I have no doubt we’ll end up with a great outcome.


I’m really looking forward to working with this tremendous group of board members, committee members, section coordinators, workshop coordinators and meeting planners in continuing to uphold the high standards membership has come to expect. Please have a happy and safe holiday season!


Paul Hermsen

MAFS President


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