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MAFS Visiting Scientist Program 

The purpose of MAFS is to encourage the exchange of ideas and information within the forensic science community. What a better way to do that then to have a visiting scientist come to your laboratory?


The MAFS Visiting Scientist Program is designed to help laboratories that need the assistance of someone in the forensic field, currently working for another lab system, than can help the laboratory in need.


The program has been very successful in helping train scientists all across the Midwest and beyond. The best part is that all expenses are covered by MAFS (travel, lodging and per diem). This helps keep the cost of training down for your laboratory and benefit those who need the training.


Here is some positive feedback from someone who had a visiting scientist come to their laboratory:


"The Miami Valley Regional Crime Lab (MVRCL) was able to utilize the MAFS Visiting Scientist program for our Chemistry section.  We requested training for the derivatization of samples in drug analysis.  The request was filled by Dr. Jim McGill from Southeast Missouri State University.  Dr. McGill came to our laboratory for a day to provide theory and background information, as well as, hands-on implementation and validation processes.

The Chemists enjoyed the instruction of Dr. McGill and found the laboratory practical helpful.   Since the training only included our analysts, everyone felt comfortable asking questions and participating.  The training bolstered their confidence to use derivatization in casework.

The MAFS Visiting Scientist program is an ideal resource for labs in search of specific training.  Make use of your MAFS peers and the information they have to share."


Brooke Ehlers

Miami Valley Regional Crime Lab

Chemistry Section- Technical Leader



Examples of past successful endeavors include:

Basic Fiber Identification - 2016

Derivitization of Drug Samples - 2014

Fourier Transform Infra-Red Spectroscopy of Paint Samples - 2013

Trace: X-Ray Flourescence Spectra Interpretation for Glass Evidence - 2010

Fourier Transform Infra-Red Spectroscopy of Paint Samples - 2008


Details About The Program:


If you are interested in participating in the MAFS Visiting Scientist Program, please contact the Training and Education Committee Chair Jillian Baker at jillian.baker@dupagesheriff.org.


To request a Visiting Scientist, please submit this form and attach a letter of support from a laboratory supervisor or director for consideration.


* Required




Rules for Visiting Scientist Program


Section P. Training and Education Committee


Rule P-3. Visiting Scientist Training Program


a)      A laboratory manager or director must submit a request for a particular type of training to the Visiting Scientist Coordinator. This request must list the specific type of training desired, the number of scientists to be trained, and the location of the training.


b)      At least one of the training recipients must be a MAFS member.


c)      The Training & Education Committee will evaluate the request and either deny or recommend the request to the MAFS board.


d)     The MAFS board will review the request and vote whether or not the training should be sponsored by MAFS.


e)      If approved, the Visiting Scientist Coordinator will match the Requesting Laboratory with an available Visiting Scientist and will make travel arrangements.




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