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Our Purpose

To encourage the exchange of ideas and information within forensic science.

Fellow scientists,

It is my distinct pleasure and honor to serve you this year. Together we will face challenges and solve problems and move this association forward with confidence and transparency. I encourage you all to look forward to the year ahead and plan your involvement in MAFS and how you personally can grow this association. Prepare to attend the Annual Meeting in Des Moines, Iowa. Plan to present some interesting casework or research while at the meeting. Recruit a fellow scientist to join the association. Serve on a committee. Consider running for a board position. Suggest or request training in a topic that interests you and your colleagues. There are many things that we can each do individually to help expand the knowledge of our fields.

Id like to thank Past-president, Malinda Spangler, for this past year of leadership. Malinda has served MAFS for many years, but this past year as president was her finest term. MAFS is in a better place because of her tireless service.

Id like to thank all the outgoing board and committee members. This association would not function as well as it does without the countless volunteer hours that are provided by all of you. Thank you for serving and please encourage those around you to get involved.

Thank you all again for your confidence in me as your leader for this year. I am not serving alone. I have a tremendous board and a full slate of committees that do all the heavy lifting. Together we are here to serve the membership.

Let your passion for forensics shine through in the quality work you provide.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Sara Schreiber
MAFS President

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