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Summer 2022

Fellow scientists,

MAFS has some really exciting thing happening and it is my sincere hope that you are taking advantage of them.  The annual elections are ongoing until August 1.  Be sure to have your voice heard as you have the privilege to choose the leadership for this great association.  Also please consider how you can get involved.  This association is strictly volunteer lead.  Find a place where you can use your talents to serve the membership.  You can also contribute by presenting at this year’s annual meeting in Des Moines, IA.  Plan to attend and while you’re there plan to present on some interesting casework, research, or process improvements that you have encountered.  We’d love to hear about it plus there is an opportunity to win a registration for a future meeting if you present!

The fall meeting planners are working hard as always in conjunction with T/E to make this year’s meeting an educational opportunity you don’t want to miss.  Registration is open and there is a really wonderful and expansive list of workshops for you to attend.  As part of this year’s meeting, they are conducting a t-shirt sale to benefit the Urban Bicycle Food Ministry of Des Moines.  Please consider buying a t-shirt to help support the great work they are doing.  We look forward to seeing you in Des Moines. 

The second round of MAFS chats have happened for several sections. I hope you are enjoying them and able to network further with your Midwest colleagues on some important forensic topics specific to your discipline.  If your section isn’t as active as you’d like, please reach out to see how we can make that opportunity more rewarding. 

The committees of MAFS are always hard at work putting together learning opportunities and strengthening the business side of this association.  Please be sure to thank those committee members who may work in your lab for their service.  MAFS can not function without them.

Let your passion for forensics shine through in the quality work you provide.

Sara Schreiber

MAFS President

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