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Dear Fellow MAFS Members,

In the world of comic books and movies, many of the most notable characters have compelling origin stories.  Some of the more well-known origin stories include an Amazonian woman that was formed from clay by her mother, the teenager that developed superpowers after being bitten by a radioactive spider, and the criminal that fell into a vat of acid which bleached his face, reddened his lips, and slowly drove him mad.  These and countless other origin stories help the audience learn more about the characters and what motivate their actions.

Origin stories are not unique to entertainment, or even to fictional characters.  Each of us has our own unique origin story.  The story of how each of us became who we are at this very point in time.  And a part of that unique story is our own forensic origin story.  At some point in our lives, we decided to become forensic scientists.  When did each of us discover the field of forensics?  Why did we each decide to pursue a career in forensic science?  Answers to these questions and more help to form our own forensic origin stories.

My forensic origin story goes like this:  I was a chemistry major in my junior year of college.  I had never heard of forensic science – this was before shows like CSI and Forensic Files were on TV.  A forensic scientist from the Indiana State Police lab (Mark Ahonen, who is still my boss) came into one of my classes and talked about a duct tape case he had worked.  I thought his job sounded really cool and at that point decided I wanted to work in a forensic lab. 

I encourage each of you to explore your own and your coworkers’ forensic origin stories.  By understanding these stories, you can learn more about yourself and your coworkers and their motivations.  And, who knows, you might hear some interesting stories!

Kathy Boone

MAFS President

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