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Exhibit and Advertisement policy

The MAFS Board of Directors has approved an exhibit and advertisement policy as follows:

All items exhibited, advertised or sponsored under the auspices of the Midwestern Association of Forensic Scientists, Inc. (e.g., at the Annual Meeting, in publications, on the website, or in direct communications) must be of a nature that they can reasonably be considered to be:  (1) products or services designed for forensic scientists in their professional capacities; (2) pertinent research or data related to forensic science and related fields; or (3) of benefit to MAFS members.  

Exhibits, advertisements and sponsorships are subject to the approval of the MAFS Board of Directors or its designee.  MAFS reserves the right to refuse any application for exhibit space, advertising or sponsorship and to curtail or cancel any such exhibit, advertisement or sponsorship that does not conform to the above guidelines as interpreted by the Board of Directors.  In addition, MAFS reserves the right to decline exhibit, advertising, and sponsorship requests from organizations or businesses whose products and services conflict with our guiding principles and written policies.
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