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MAFS purpose is to encourage the exchange of ideas and information within forensic science.


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When I look back over the past 20+ years in my career, I find I have a lot to be thankful for: a job that I enjoy, co-workers I like, and, a good organization to work for in the Missouri State Highway Patrol.  It was not my intention to be a forensic scientist (never gave it a thought) as I worked on my bachelor’s degree, it just turned out that way.

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Kansas City Police Crime Laboratory Crime Scene School - 28-Mar-2014

This is a comprehensive two-week course de-signed specifically for both new and experienced investigators covering the basic aspects of crime scene processing.


Participating students will gain knowledge in various forensic disciplines including:

- Crime scene photography

- Crime scene processing

- Evidence identification, collection, and preservation

- Report writing

- Sketching

- Legal considerations

- Bloodstain pattern documentation

- Bullet path and impact assessment

- Latent fingerprint processing

- Impression evidence


The course consists of approximately 32 hours of lectures and approximately 42 hours of hands-on practical exercises. Participants will complete competency exams to demonstrate proper understanding of the subject areas.


For more information click here for the flyer.




DNA Training at Marshall University - Forensic Relationships - 19-Feb-2014

DNA Workshops at Marshall University - Forensic Relationship Training - Session 1:  General Relationships

Dates:  April 28 - 29, 2014 or May 5-6, 2014.


These trainings will held at the Marshall University Forensic Science Center in Huntington, WV.

For information, please follow the links below:

April 2014:

May 2014:




International Symposium on Human Identification - 12-Dec-2013

 This year marks the 25th anniversary of the International Symposium on Human Identification to be held in Phoenix, Arizona from September 29 – October 2, 2014. Additional information about the symposium, including registration links, can be found here: Feel free to reach out to me at 608/443.3290 or with any questions.

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MAFS Visiting Scientist Program - 14-Mar-2013

A new MAFS Visiting Scientist Program page has been created to make applying for a visiting scientist easier than ever.






MAFS Collegiate Student Development Fund - 08-Jun-2012

The Midwestern Association of Forensic Scientists (MAFS) is announcing a new fund to encourage collegiate research that will benefit the field of forensic science. This is an opportunity for a college student to present his/her forensic science research project at a professional meeting in the presence of practicing forensic scientists and other forensic science students. MAFS hopes to encourage student member participation while giving MAFS members an opportunity to learn about research currently being done at the collegiate level.



 Eligibility Requirements:  


1. Participants must be MAFS student affiliate members at the time of application submission.


2. Participants must be enrolled in an accredited college or university.


3. Participants must be junior/senior year undergraduates, graduate or doctorate students.


4. Research projects must be related to the forensic science field and should primarily involve development and/or improvement of evidence examination and/or comparison techniques.


5. Participants must submit a completed application form with abstract by July 1, 2012.


6. A paper presentation of at least 15 minutes will be required at the fall meeting.



One project will be selected to receive an award to fund attendance at the Fall MAFS meeting in Milwaukee. Funding will include 2 nights lodging, 3 days per diem and registration to the MAFS Fall meeting. Applications must be submitted no later than July 1st and the student receiving the award will be announced no later than August 1st. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the MAFS Awards Committee Chair. Look for details in the next MAFS Newsletters!




In the event that submitted projects do not meet the required award criteria, the Awards Committee and the Board of Directors reserve the right not to offer an award.



In the event that submitted projects do not meet the required award criteria, the Awards Committee and the Board of Directors reserve the right not to offer an award.


Click here to access the registration form:

MAFS Collegiate Student Development Fund Application Form


Click to view the Announcement:

MAFS Collegiate Student Development Announcement




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MAFS 2014 Fall Meeting - 26-Mar-2014

The 2014 MAFS Fall Meeting page has been updated! Check out the workshops, abstracts, attractions and activities, local arrangements and more.








MAFS 2015 Fall Meeting - 08-May-2012

The MAFS 2015 Fall Meeting site has been chosen and the meeting will be held in Michigan. The exact location has yet to be determined. Check the Fall Meeting page for more details and information!




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