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Quarantine: to isolate from normal relations or communication - Marriam-Webster (2020)

Like many of you, I am working from home today and will be returning to the laboratory next week to resume “normal relations”; but only for a few days before I am sent home to catch up on paperwork by remote access.  Scientists are considered essential personnel and are expected to report for work via shift work, split schedules and/or remote access in the hope of limiting exposure and maintaining a routine workflow.

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Promega Webinar Offering - Biology/DNA Standards and Best Practices - 08-Jul-2020

A new Promega Webinar Series will be held July-September on the OSAC-ASB standards process and selected DNA-related standards.  The link to register for the series is here.  Please see the AAFS Newsfeed for a recent post with additional details. 



MAFS Feature - 09-Jun-2020

MAFS featured in the AAFS Newsfeed: Spotlight on the Regional Associations.


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