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Qualifications for Membership

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  1. Be of good character with no adult felony convictions and currently working in good standing in the forensic science field.
  2. REGULAR MEMBER - Working, as described in Paragraph A and meeting all of the following:


a. Possess a 4-year Baccalaureate Degree or 10 years experience working in a forensic discipline.


b. Have completed two years full-time forensic laboratory experience to include completion of a  

    documented training program in a forensic discipline or certification by a recognized certifying body in

    which competency testing is part of the certification process or proof of successful completion of

    professionally designed and administered proficiency exams. If employed at an ASCLD/LAB, FQS or

    ISO 17025 accredited laboratory, this fulfills the proficiency testing requirement.


c. Working full-time in a forensic laboratory performing, or having performed examinations and

    interpretations of physical evidence or working full-time in forensic science education at an accredited

    college or university. (A forensic science laboratory is defined as one that has, as its primary function, 

    service to the criminal and/or civil justice system by the examination and interpretation of physical

    evidence. Forensic Science education is defined as one that has as its primary function, education in

    the examination and interpretation of physical evidence.) 


    C. ASSOCIATE MEMBER. - Working as described in Paragraph A of this Section but not meeting the 

         requirements of Paragraph B. Associate members must meet one of the following: 


a. Working in good standing in a scientific discipline and occasionally called upon to do forensic analysis  

    in that discipline.


          b. Working in good standing as an educator or criminal justice professional with an interest in forensic  

              science or crime scene investigation.


          c. The Membership Committee will evaluate each Associate applicant on a case by case basis 

              to determine whether the applicant's area of expertise qualifies as a relevant forensic science field. 














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