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  • 30 May 2022 4:22 PM | MAFS Webmaster (Administrator)

    The latest ABC Newsletter may be found here.

  • 9 May 2022 2:15 PM | MAFS Webmaster (Administrator)

    The Washburn University Forensic Anthropology Recovery Unit (WU-FARU) and Dr. Alexandra Klales, D-ABFA will be offering two forensic anthropology training short courses in person this summer 2022 (May and June) in Topeka, KS. We have a handful of spots left in both courses, so if you know anyone that may be interested- please pass it along!

    Forensic Archaeology 

    May 23-27, 2022  -  Monday-Friday: 8am - 5pm Central                                                                                 



    This five-day intensive short course is designed to familiarize participants with the forensic archaeological methods used to recover human remains at outdoor crime scenes. Participants will learn how to search for, document, and recover human remains via lectures and mock-scenes involving surface scattered and buried remains. Various state-of-the-art mapping and documentation techniques will be presented and applied during recovery. Lectures will also cover specialized techniques for mass fatalities, plane crashes, and fatal fire scenes. $100 non-refundable course deposit fee required at registration sign-up to secure a spot in the course. Note: a portion of the course will occur off-campus at a designated field site in Topeka, KS- travel to and from the site will be provided.  


    Human Osteology 

    May 31-June 3, 2022  -  Tuesday-Friday: 8am - 5pm Central 

    The goal of this four-day short course is to familiarize students and professionals with the identification of human skeletal remains. Emphasis will be placed on identifying and siding fragmentary human bone, recognizing sub-adult remains, and understanding human skeletal anatomy. Participants will be introduced to normal human variation, as well as, some taphonomic and pathological changes. The course involves extensive hands-on opportunities with real bone fragments, supplemented by detailed lectures, presentations, and actual forensic case studies. Course is co-taught with Dr. Ashley Maxwell. No osteological experience is required; however, you may want to consider (i.e., optional) purchasing the following reference text for use during the course: White & Folkens (2005) The Human Bone Manual (~$30). $100 non-refundable course deposit fee required at registration sign-up to secure a spot in the course.

    For more information and FAQs, visit our website:

    To register for the courses, visit:

  • 12 Apr 2022 10:47 AM | MAFS Webmaster (Administrator)

    Please join your MAFS friends in the first ever membership drive!  Please see the following flyer.

  • 1 Apr 2022 3:33 PM | MAFS Webmaster (Administrator)

    The American Board of Criminalistics needs your help!  Have you been considering the benefits of ABC certification? If so, please consider taking the field test for the Foundational Knowledge Exam (FKE).  There is no application or sitting fee to sit for this field test.  If you successfully complete the examination and wish to be certified, you onlyneed to pay the application fee,a savings of $250! The ABC needs field testing of new certification exams to help evaluate the exams.  If your agency wishes to host an exam, that can be arranged.  Please contact the ABC Registrar at for more information.

  • 16 Feb 2022 8:11 PM | MAFS Webmaster (Administrator)

    Please see the following link for details.

  • 2 Feb 2022 12:47 PM | MAFS Webmaster (Administrator)

    MAFS is holding a five-day workshop covering bloodstain Pattern Analysis, April 4 - 8, 2022.  The workshop will instructed by Jeremiah Morris and hosted at the Johnson County Sheriff's Office Criminalistics Laboratory in Olathe, KS. 

    This workshop is approved for 40 hours of IAI continuing education credit in both Bloodstain Pattern Analysis and Crime Scene Investigation.  These hours are approved for both initial certification and recertification

    Please see this link for more information!  Register here!

  • 15 Nov 2021 4:51 PM | MAFS Webmaster (Administrator)

    The American Board of Criminalistics Fall 2021 Newsletter is now available!

  • 8 Nov 2021 3:03 PM | MAFS Webmaster (Administrator)

    The American Academy of Forensic Sciences established the Academy Standards Board (ASB) in 2016 with a vision of safeguarding Justice, Integrity and Fairness through Consensus Based American National Standards. The ASB develops consensus based forensic standards within a framework accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). ASB values integrity, scientific rigor, openness, due process, collaboration, excellence, diversity and inclusion. ASB is dedicated to developing and making freely accessible the highest quality documentary forensic science consensus Standards, Guidelines, Best Practice Recommendations, and Technical Reports in a wide range of forensic science disciplines as a service to forensic practitioners and the legal system.


    The ASB is currently accepting applications for the consensus bodies (CB). Each CB consists of 7 to 25 members and creates and approves by consensus Forensic documents. The CBs also consider comments, views, and objections to ballots and resolve all comments received in connection with the development of documents. ASB CBs are open to all materially interested and affected individuals, companies, and organizations. The application deadline is November 19, 2021.  


    We are asking that you share the below call for members with the membership of the Midwestern Association of Forensic Scientists. We would also like to extend an invitation to you and your membership to join the ASB Newsletter list in order to receive updates of newly published documents, documents open for public comment, and other ASB activities and opportunities. A request to join the email list can be sent to me ( or our general email box (



    Call for Members (ASB Consensus Bodies)

    ANSI Accredited Standards Developer

    AAFS - American Academy of Forensic Sciences

    Please complete the application by November 19, 2021.  

    The ASB is currently accepting applications for the consensus bodies. To maintain a specific balance across interest categories we are looking to fill openings in the following interest categories for each consensus body but we will accept applications for all interest categories. The application for membership can be filled out here.


    Anthropology: Organizations, General Interest, Producers, Jurisprudence and Criminal Justice

    Bloodstain Pattern Analysis: Organizations, General Interest, Producers, Jurisprudence and Criminal Justice

    Crime Scene Investigation: Organizations, General Interest, Producers, Jurisprudence and Criminal Justice

    Disaster Victim Identification: General Interest, Producers, Jurisprudence and Criminal Justice

    DNA: Organizations, General Interest, Producers, Jurisprudence and Criminal Justice

    Dogs and Sensors: Organizations, General Interest, Producers, User Government

    Firearms and Toolmarks: Organizations, General Interest, Producers, User Non-Government

    Footwear and Tire Tracks: General Interest, Jurisprudence and Criminal Justice, Organizations, Producer, User Non-Government

    Forensic Document Examination: General Interest, Jurisprudence and Criminal Justice, Organizations, Producers

    Friction Ridge: General Interest, Organizations, Producer

    Medicolegal Death Investigation: General Interest, Jurisprudence and Criminal Justice, Organizations, Producer, User Government, User Non-Government

    Toxicology: General Interest, Jurisprudence and Criminal Justice, Producer

    Wildlife: General Interest, Jurisprudence and Criminal Justice, Organizations, Producers, User Non-Government


    Click here for a detailed description of the Interest Categories.

    Click here for the description of the currently active AAFS Standards Board Consensus Bodies.


    Please contact if you have any questions.

  • 8 Nov 2021 3:00 PM | MAFS Webmaster (Administrator)
    The AAFS 2022 Annual Meeting will be a hybrid event this year, occurring Feb. 21-25, and may be attended in-person or virtually.  There is an Early Bird discount now available for early registrants.  For more info, please see the following flyer or visit the AAFS website.

  • 12 Oct 2021 10:10 AM | MAFS Webmaster (Administrator)

    Greetings from the American Board of Criminalistics,

    With the recent addition of the Biological Evidence Screening (BIO) and Forensic DNA (DNA) certification examinations, field testing of the Foundational Knowledge Exam (FKE), and continuing development of future examinations in our quest for ISO 17024 Accreditation, we are looking to expand the Certification Examination Management Groups (CEMGs) for these and other certification examinations.

    Do you think you might be interested in test development and management of certification examinations?  Do you have a knack for writing test questions that assess the competency of a forensic scientist?  We are seeking scientific experts with the knowledge, skills, and abilities within a given specialty, or other areas that may be related to a specific discipline, to help us develop and maintain certification examinations.  As a CEMG member, you will be asked to generate, review, and evaluate test questions on an ongoing basis as needed.  If selected, you will work under the guidance of the Examination Coordinator throughout the year. CEMG members should expect to dedicate two (2) hours per month to ABC activities on average.

    CEMG members will be chosen to represent broad demographical and geographical areas across the forensic science community.  Members of ABC membership organizations and ABC certificate holders are preferred, and the latter will receive one (1) point towards recertification annually.

    Please take a moment to fill out the survey and upload your Statement of Qualifications or Curriculum Vitae via this link: Prospective CEMG Member Survey

    We look forward to working with you!


    Danielle Hankinson



    Audra Curry Yovanovich

    Chair, Examination Committee

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