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  • 8 Oct 2021 2:41 PM | MAFS Webmaster (Administrator)

    Please join us for the Northeastern Association of Forensic Scientists (NEAFS) Annual Meeting

    November 1st - November 5th, 2021at the Newport Marriott, 25 America's Cup Ave Newport, Rhode Island 02840


    Tuesday, November 2nd Workshops - virtual options offered.  For more information  visit

    Wednesday, November 3rd: Scientific Sessions in Crime Scene Investigation & Criminalistics, Forensic Biology & DNA Analysis, Drug Chemistry, Toxicology, Trace/Arson & Explosives


    Evening Session: Extreme Killing: Understanding Serial and Mass Murder 4th Edition

    by James Alan Fox (Author), Jack Levin  (Author), Emma E. Fridel (Author)


    Thursday, November 3rd: Plenary Sessions


    Guilty Until Proven Innocent: The roles that advocacy and compassion play in establishing innocence, Radha Natarajan-Executive Director, New England Innocence Project, Sarah Chu - Senior Advisor on Forensic Science Policy, Innocence Project, John Lentini-Fire Scene Cause and Origin Expert Islamorada , Florida


    Luncheon:  Elaine Murphy - Ellis was convicted in 1995, at his third trial, for the murder and robbery of Boston Police Detective John Mulligan in the pre-dawn hours of Sept. 26, 1993. The murder was a brutal assassination, with five shots lobbed in the detective's face as he slept in his SUV outside the Roslindale Walgreens while working a security detail. Sean was 19 at the time.


    Days after the crime, Sean spoke voluntarily to detectives, without a lawyer present, telling them he'd shopped at the Walgreens mall around 3 a.m. that day for diapers for his cousin's baby, driven there by his friend, Terry Patterson, then 18. Police found the diaper receipt that confirmed the errand in Ellis's apartment. His attorney, Rosemary Scapicchio, asks, “Would you place yourself at a murder scene if you were guilty?”


    Plenary Session II: Beyond a Reasonable Doubt: How the attorney/scientist dialogue and strong forensics build effective prosecutions


    ​The Cases of Kelly Hancock and Amy Lord: When Two Young Women Meet Two Evil Monsters


    And much more...
  • 20 Sep 2021 12:49 PM | MAFS Webmaster (Administrator)

    NJAFS is hosting a Webinar given by FIU's Jeff Teitelbaum about Luke May, America's Sherlock Holmes, on Wednesday, October 6th, at 12:00 pm EST.   Registration is free for all MAFS members (register as NJAFS member and then on next page put that you are a member of MAFS).

    Please see the attached flyer.  Registration link:

  • 1 Jun 2021 10:36 AM | MAFS Webmaster (Administrator)

    This 1-hour educational webinar, Standard Practices for Measurement Traceability in Forensic Toxicology, will spotlight the American National Standard on measurement traceability in the field of forensic toxicology. The webinar will include: an introduction of Academy Standards Board (ASB) and the Standards Development Organization (SDO) process; why metrological traceability is important; a walkthrough of ANSI/ASB Standard 017; how ANSI/ASB Standard 017 Applies to Specific Clauses of ISO/IEC 17025 and ANAB AR 3125; and a live Q&A session. Click here for more information and to register!

  • 27 Apr 2021 3:39 PM | MAFS Webmaster (Administrator)

    Please see the following webinar announcement, featuring Dr. Joye Carter, Medial Examiner for San Luis Obispo County, CA.  The featured presentation is entitled "Real Forensic Pathology vs. Reel: An Inside Look at Death Investigation", and will be held May 3rd, 2021.

  • 12 Apr 2021 3:26 PM | MAFS Webmaster (Administrator)

    The latest ABC Newsletter may be found here.  Be sure to see the important Trace Examination announcement contained within!

  • 7 Apr 2021 1:42 PM | MAFS Webmaster (Administrator)

    Please join us for the Basic Seized Drugs Identification webinar series! This webinar series will be held on May 6th, May 13th, May 20th, and May 27th and will be FREE for MAFS members and $100 for non-members.  More info here.

  • 1 Mar 2020 9:31 PM | MAFS Webmaster (Administrator)

    Crime laboratory personnel may experience higher than average levels of stress due to chronic exposure to traumatic content at work and administrative pressures.  This stress can lead to burnout, compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Impacts to the organization may include employee disengagement, lost productivity, high staff turnover, and poor organizational health.  However, mindfulness training can provide coping skills to mitigate chronic stress by bringing awareness to the triggers of stress, putting the analyst back in control of the physiological and psychological responses.  The Mental Agility for Forensic Scientists development program is designed to establish a set of resources to keep MAFS members up-to-date on research, provide a setting where conversations can be started, and tools for self-assessment and management of stress can be developed. Podcast Link

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